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Wood Garage Door Staining

Lantana Overhead Door, LLC is pleased to now offer staining services to all of our customers.  We specialize in superior quality wood staining services for residential wood garage doors at an affordable and competitive rate, without compromising quality and efficiency.


Proper staining protects your wood garage door from the elements and saves you the cost of replacement in the long run. In the hot North Texas weather, we recommended re-staining your wood garage door every on average 2-3 years*.  Unprotected wood can become susceptible to mold and mildew, which decreases the life of the garage door.


We exclusively use Baker's Gray-Away Wood Seal--the highest quality, professional grade stain on the market--which is the stain, sealer, and wood preservative all in one product.  Baker's contains special UV stable pigments, resins, and heavy duty penetrating oils, making it the perfect product for producing a long lasting durable finish on your wood garage door.


*doors that face directly west or east and/or receive full sun may require more frequent staining


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