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Garage Door Staining FAQ's

  • Q: Does my garage door need to be cleaned before it can be stained?  A: If it is grey then it will need to be cleaned. The grey is actually an algae. We clean most of the garage doors we stain. If your garage door is new or still appears new then it may not be necessary to clean it


  • Q: How do you clean a garage door?  A: We typically use a bleach based cleaning solution followed by a water rinse, without any pressure washing.


  • Q: How do you apply stain?  A: We spray via low pressure, followed immediately by back-brusining (hand brushing). Back brushing works the stain into the wood and eliminates drips, runs and spray marks.


  • Q: What type of stain do you use?  A: We use Baker's Gray-Away Wood Seal, although very expensive, we have found these to be the longest lasting stains on the market.


  • Q: How much stain will you use on my garage door?  A: Typically we will use 1 gallon of stain per 170-190sf.


  • Q: How will you protect my property and plants from stain?  A: We use cardboard along the bottom of your garage door to protect your grass. We also use large cardboard pieces when working up next to your house. The most important part of controlling your stain is to apply on a day with very little wind.


  • Q: When will my freshly stained wood be ready for rain or sprinklers?  A: With temperatures into the 80’s the stain is usually water ready within 2-4 hours.


  • Q: What is the most overlooked detail regarding a staining projectA: Definitely the product. Here in Texas, an inferior product will last little more than a year on a garage door.


  • Q: What stain colors last the longest?  A: Typically colors with very little pigment (very light and clear colors) will have the shortest life.


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